Monday, October 24, 2011

EBWC Totally Twisted

Here is my entry, Lemon Twist, for the November Etsy Beadweavers Challenge (EBWC), Totally Twisted.
I decided to finally take on a new spiral technique to create the single twisted ribbon left of center. On the right I used one of my favorite corkscrew spirals doubled. As one may notice, I have a preference for asymmetric designs and rarely like things that are perfect, even, or common. In the center I've bead embroidered 2 cat's eyes glass cabochons. I originally designed this piece to have the bottom yellow teardrop suspended from two tiny twisted spiral ropes with a grey cat's eye glass bead centered between. I stitched it all together and it looked way to "busy" to me so last night I cut them off and re-stitched the two cabochons directly to one another for a cleaner look.
Yellow is one of my least favorite colors & I seem to mostly gravitate towards black, purple, and green, so I thought I would attempt something outside my comfort zone. I fell in love with the soft, buttery Delicas as soon as I saw them and knew they would be the shade of yellow I'd work with. You can see more pictures of this necklace in the actual listing HERE.
This piece took longer to complete than expected, the new spiral was for me very fiddly; awkward to hold and insert a needle into, but I do love the finished look and will do a smaller piece using that spiral soon. I much prefer the basic twisted spiral rope (as seen in my last necklace, Blue); I can almost do it with my eyes closed and find it very meditative to stitch.
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Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse said...

personally, i can't even imagine being able to do one side of that, never mind two totally different sides. I LOVE GRAY and YELLOW!!!

Brooke Shambley said...

Very pretty! I love spiral earrings, why not a necklace!

Bliss Works Studio said...

Thank you!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

It's beautiful!!! BRAVO!

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