Thursday, March 8, 2012


My dear father-in-law has passed and we are deeply saddened. I haven't been posting since my husband has been on bereavement and I just haven't felt like doing much. This is the 4th death of a loved one in about a year and a half and has been a very painful time.
We have decided to move rather suddenly (within a few weeks), so I'm not sure in the next month or so how often I'll be able to post. I may not have internet for awhile, since we are going to overlap places for a month and I will be busy packing, cleaning, unpacking, etc. Once we're through, I will be back to beading, pinning, posting, and creating new jewelry. I'm disappointed that I won't have time to finish my entry for the next EBW challenge (I have about an inch/hour of a beadwoven bangle bracelet completed), but it will be completed and listed once finished after our move is complete. I will still be checking email when I can and won't close shop until I have to briefly.
I'm looking forward to this change and am excited to be in a new space. I can't help but wonder how/if it will affect me creatively - I will have more space, light/sun, and hopefully an overall better environment. Maybe I'll post pics of my studio when it is all set up.
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