Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My New Addiction

When I bead, it is almost always in my studio at my desk. I like to occasionally watch shows on my computer, but mainly listen to music via CDs or MP3s while weaving. But due to storage and computer space, I am limited to what I can listen to (I have a big selection of songs & CDs, but they get old after hours of beading). Well, I just discovered Spotify. If you're not familiar with Spotify I suggest you head over to their site and sign up. It is similar to Rhapsody music service, but it is FREE! The only snag is there is an unavoidable commercial in between every 5-8 songs you listen to. I've done searches for tons of music and I've only come across 2 artists and a few songs that are not on there. You can add songs or entire albums to your playlist(s) and can listen to them while online - you're not downloading the songs, so you don't own them. Artists have to agree to be on there and they do get paid for their song use, so it is a legal and legit service. You can pay for an upgrade so you can download songs to your phone, MP3 player, or computer to listen to while offline and avoid commercials.
I am addicted. I can't stop listening to music & creating playlists and adding songs to them. I like every type of music except for rap and hip hop, so this is such a gift. I am not affiliated with them in anyway, so if this sounds like a commercial, it is just because I am very impressed with the selection of free music available.
If you sign up, you do have to sign up with your Facebook account, but once signed up, go to edit, then preferences and unclick "show what I listen to on Facebook" and "automatically publish new playlists" - unless you want others to see what you're listening to.
You used to need an invitation from a member to use this service but it is now available to all. Check it out if you listen to music while online!


Linda Gill-Jones said...

My husband loves Spotify and is trying to get me to use it. He is always making lists of music, but he is a music addict. I will just ahve to check it out. I really enjoy listening to music to when I am making my bracelets.

Bliss Works Studio said...

It is truly amazing! I just hope it stays free.

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