Monday, February 13, 2012


Just a brief update...I'm taking a slight break (from Etsy, blogging, etc). I will be back sometime next week (hopefully) with more treasuries, Saturday Shops, promotions, and listings.
We've received some very sad news and I've been kinda lost in contemplation and haven't been feeling up to much other than pinning (boy has Pinterest been a much needed distraction! Anyone else on Pinterest?).
I have started a new project; a necklace that is both bead embroidered and beadwoven. It should be finished within a day or so, I will post a preview when it is done. I'm trying a new type of embellishing and it is a very fun piece.


aquariann said...

I'm sorry to hear you received sad news. I hope the internet break helps restore your spirit. *hugs*

ArtSings1946 said...

Sorry to heard about your sad news ... these things take time ... and only you can be the judge of how long ... warm and well wishes to you.

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