Friday, August 19, 2011

Etsy Treasuries

Who doesn't like to be featured in a treasury on Etsy? When I have the time, I find them quite fun to create; hunting for that perfect item, never knowing what you might find. Or stumbling across an item so lovely you're inspired to feature it in a treasury.
I noticed there are treasury makers that exist on Etsy for the sole purpose of creating treasuries; they are neither sellers or buyers!
The Wisconsin Street Team, aka the Moo Crew, feature treasury challenges every week in which they ask members to create a treasury based on their chosen theme featuring other members and then post the winners on their blog every Tuesday.
Here is my latest treasury, inspired by a cool light source I happened upon on Etsy this morning.

Here is a treasury that struck my fancy with lovely finds and a nostalgic theme. Isn't it dramatic and gorgeous?

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