Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Checking in

We are moved in and very happy with our new home. It is spacious, light, and has great energy. I still have yet to unpack my jewelry, beads, tools, etc. Since it requires the most time, I have left it for last. We were able to move sooner than expected so 20 bead drawers and multiple bins of beads, cabochons, crystals, findings, needles, thread, glues, wire, fabric, & buttons were randomly emptied into 6 large & 3 medium boxes + 5 bags so I imagine it will take some time to sort & organize.
Today the last of our new furniture gets delivered and I will begin unpacking all my studio belongings next week.
Have a Happy Easter!

1 comment:

ArtSings1946 said...

So happy to hear about your positive move. Well, perhaps this is a good way to "spring" clean and organized your beads ... good luck.

Happiness to all.

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